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This programme is preliminary, and it may be subject to change. We will provide a more detailed programme with links to the abstracts of presentations in due course.

Date: Wednesday, July 18
Poster Session
Location: West Wing Foyer
04:00 - 05:30TextGrid Repository – Supporting the Data Curation Needs of Humanities Researchers
Lohmeier, Felix; Veentjer, Ubbo; Smith, Kathleen M.; Söring, Sibylle--> Abstract--> Poster

Automatic Topic Hierarchy Generation Using Wordnet
Monteiro Vieira, Jose Miguel; Brey, Gerhard
Gerhard Brey died unexpectedly in February 2012. He will be greatly missed.--> Abstract

Linguistic concepts described with Media Query Language for automated annotation
Lenkiewicz, Anna; Lis, Magdalena; Lenkiewicz, Przemyslaw--> Abstract

The Academy's Digital Store of Knowledge
Czmiel, Alexander; Jürgens, Marco--> Abstract - A Lab for Spatial Exploration of Historical Data
Loos, Lukas; Zipf, Alexander--> Abstract

Integrated multilingual access to diverse Japanese humanities digital archives by dynamically linking data
Kuyama, Takeo; Batjargal, Biligsaikhan; Kimura, Fuminori; Maeda, Akira--> Abstract

Collaborative Video and Image Annotation
Arnold, Matthias; Knab, Cornelia; Decker, Eric--> Abstract

Digital Edition of Carl Maria von Weber's Collected Works
Stadler, Peter--> Abstract

Virtual Reproduction of Gion Festival Yamahoko Parade
Li, Liang; Choi, Woong; Nishiura, Takanobu; Yano, Keiji; Hachimura, Kozaburo--> Abstract

Machine Learning for Automatic Annotation of References in DH scholarly papers
Kim, Young-Min; Bellot, Patrice; Faath, Elodie; Dacos, Marin--> Abstract

Realigning Digital Humanities Training: The Praxis Program at the Scholars’ Lab
Boggs, Jeremy; Nowviskie, Bethany; Gil, Alex; Johnson, Eric; Lestock, Brooke; Storti, Sarah; Swafford, Joanna; Collaborators, Praxis Program--> Abstract, une infrastructure pour les Digital Humanities
Muscinesi, Frédérique--> Abstract

Medievalists' Use of Digital Resources, 2002 and 2012
Porter, Dot--> Abstract

CWRC-Writer: An In-Browser XML Editor
Rockwell, Geoffrey; Brown, Susan; Chartrand, James; Hesemeier, Susan--> Abstract

Tejiendo la Red HD - A case study of building a DH network in Mexico
Galina, Isabel; Priani, Ernesto; López, José; Rivera, Eduardo; Cruz, Alejandro--> Abstract

Courting *The World’s Wife*: Original Digital Humanities Research in the Undergraduate Classroom
Croxall, Brian--> Abstract

Building a TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service: The TAPAS Project
Flanders, Julia; Hamlin, Scott; Alvarado, Rafael; Mylonas, Elli--> Abstract

A Digital Approach to Sound Symbolism in English: Evidence from the Historical Thesaurus
Alexander, Marc; Kay, Christian--> Abstract

The TEICHI Framework: Bringing TEI Lite to Drupal
Schöch, Christof; Achler, Stefan--> Abstract

Author Consolidation across European National Bibliographies
Freire, Nuno--> Abstract

"The Past Is Never Dead. It’s Not Even Past": The Challenge of Data Provenance in the e-Humanities
Clark, Ashley M; Holloway, Steven W--> Abstract

DTAQ – Quality Assurance in a Large Corpus of Historical Texts
Wiegand, Frank--> Abstract

Exploring Prosopographical Resources Through Novel Tools and Visualizations: a Preliminary Investigation
Pasin, Michele--> Abstract

What Has Digital Curation Got to Do With Digital Humanities?
Schreibman, Susan; Coyle, Barry--> Abstract

Heterogeneity and Multilingualism vs. Usability – Challenges of the Database User Interface „Archiv-Editor“
Plutte, Christoph--> Abstract

Adaptive Automatic Gesture Stroke Detection
Gebre, Binyam Gebrekidan; Wittenburg, Peter--> Abstract

The Digital Averroes Research Environment - Semantic Relations in the Editorial Sciences
Willems, Florian; Gärtner, Mattias--> Abstract

Complex entity management through EATS: the case of the Gascon Rolls Project
Litta Modignani Picozzi, Eleonora; Norrish, Jamie; Vieira, Miguel--> Abstract

AV Processing in eHumanities - a paradigm shift
Wittenburg, Peter; Lenkiewicz, Przemyslaw; Auer, Erik; Gebre, Binyam Gebrekidan; Lenkiewicz, Anna; Drude, Sebastian--> Abstract

An Ontology-Based Iterative Text Processing Strategy for Detecting and Recognizing Characters in Folktales
Koleva, Nikolina; Declerck, Thierry; Krieger, Hans-Ulrich--> Abstract

Supporting the emerging community of MEI: the current landscape of tools for note entry and digital editing
Bohl, Benjamin W.; Röwenstrunk, Daniel; Viglianti, Raffaele--> Abstract --> Poster

The Melesina Trench Project: Markup Vocabularies, Poetics, and Undergraduate Pedagogy
Singer, Kate--> Abstract

The Musici Database
Roeder, Torsten; Plutte, Christoph--> Abstract

Orbis Latinus Online (OLO)
Schultes, Kilian Peter; Geissler, Stefan--> Abstract

The Social Edition: Scholarly Editing Across Communities
Crompton, Constance; Siemens, Raymond; The Devonshire MS Editorial Group--> Abstract

Cross-cultural Approaches to Digital Humanities -- Funding and Implementation
Rhody, Jason; Kümmel, Christoph; Effinger, Maria; Freedman, Richard; Magier, David; Förtsch, Reinhard--> Abstract

Data sharing, virtual collaboration, and textual analysis: Working on "Women Writers In History"
van Dijk, Suzan; Hoogenboom, Hilde; Sanz, Amelia; Bergenmar, Jenny; Olsson, Leif-Jöran--> Abstract

Digital Emblematics - Enabling Humanities Research of a Popular Early Modern Genre
Wade, Mara R; Stäcker, Thomas; Stein, Regine; Brandhorst, Hans; Graham, David--> Abstract

Storage Infrastructure of the Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias
Vanscheidt, Philipp; Rapp, Andrea; Tonne, Danah--> Abstract

Approaches to the Treatment of Primary Materials in Digital Lexicons: Examples of the New Generation of Digital Lexicons for Buddhist Studies
Nagasaki, Kiyonori; Tomabechi, Toru; Wangchuck, Dorji; Takahashi, Koichi; Wallman, Jeff; Muller, A. Charles--> Abstract

Towards a Transnational Multilingual Caribbean Digital Humanities Lab
Gil, Alexander--> Abstract

TXSTEP - an integrated XML-based scripting language for scholarly text data processing
Ott, Wilhelm; Ott, Tobias; Gasperlin, Oliver--> Abstract

Historical Events Versus Information Contents – A Preliminary Analysis of the National Geographic Magazine
Fujimoto, Yu--> Abstract

Semantically connecting text fragments – Text-Text-Link-Editor
Selig, Thomas; Küster, Marc Wilhelm; Conner, Eric Sean--> Abstract

Le Système modulaire de gestion de l'information historique (SyMoGIH) : une plateforme collaborative et cumulative de stockage et d'exploitation de l'information géo-historique
Beretta, Francesco; Vernus, Pierre; Hours, Bernard--> Abstract

NUScholar: Digital Methods for Educating New Humanities Scholars
Graff, Ann-Barbara; Lucas, Kristin; Blustein, James; Gibson, Robin; Woods, Sharon--> Abstract