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Must see

Harbour tour
A tour departing from Landungsbrücken with a typical Hamburg ‚Barkasse’, a small passenger boat through the harbour of Hamburg. Special tip: ‘Dämmertörn’: start the harbour tour at dusk and you’ll get to know the very special atmosphere of the harbour and its surroundings after the busy day time. For more information, see for example:
Or take a ferry trip with line 62 (part of the public transport system HVV) along the shores of the Elbe river (departure from Landungsbrücken or Sandtorhöft):

Rathausmarkt and city centre
visit the town hall of Hamburg and the central square of the city centre. You’ll find all kinds of shops and several malls and pedestrian streets for shopping.

The Alster
A river that forms a lake in the centre of Hamburg, divided into the Binnenalster (Inner Alster) and the Außenalster (Outer Alster). The later being surrounded by a path of 7.4km and several green areas is great for jogging, taking a walk, renting a sail- or rowboat…
Special tip: reserve an afternoon for a paddle tour on the Alster and its channels. See for example

St. Michaelis Kirche
Hamburg’s landmark widely known as ‘Michel’. A huge baroque church dating from the 15th century with an impressive golden interior. Climb up the tower which is 132m high and offers great views of Hamburg and its surroundings.


Hamburg’s old fashioned brick stone depositories next to Hamburg’s newest quarter, the Hafencity, featuring modern architecture and the city’s landmark to be: the Elbphilharmonie, a huge concert hall still under construction.

Probably Hamburg’s most popular street, being a night-club and red-light district at the same time, offers lots of restaurants, theatres, music clubs and bars.

Visit the Fischmarkt on Sunday morning, a lively market with maritime flair where you can find a large variety of fresh fish and seafood but also all kinds of other goods. Every Sunday from 5a.m. – 9.30a.m. at the bank of the river Elbe between Hafenstraße and Große Elbstraße. See here for more information >>

Insider information

Alter Elbtunnel
Connecting both shores of the Elbe, the Elbtunnel was built in 1911. Once known as a ‘miracle of modern technics’, today it serves mainly as a tourist attraction and helps the people to escape from the city centre into Hamburg’s green south. Visit during the weekend when car access is denied!

In the lively Schanzenviertel, a former working-class neighbourhood, the yard of the former slaughtery house, ‘Schlachthof’, is transformed into a flea market every Saturday from 8a.m. to 4p.m. From there you take a stroll around Schulterblatt: the street with the curious name (‘shoulder blade’) offers numerous cafes, restaurants, vivid night life, and some nice independent designer shops.


Although Hamburg has no seaside, the river Elbe offers a beach west of the harbour. Take a ferry of the public transport system from Landungsbrücken to Ovelgönne – Museumshafen and you’ll find the beach by walking in direction out of the town. It is a very nice place to live the atmosphere of the container harbour, there is also a lively bar scene at night.

Water Light Concerts Planten un Blomen
During summer time, the park Planten un Blomen which is very close to the conference venue, starts its light console in the water and plays music to accompany the spectacle. Entry is free and starts around 10p.m. The Planten un Blomen is worth while to visit during day time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to enjoy some peace and quiet!

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg
Visit the largest model railway in the world! The Miniatur Wunderland in the Speicherstadt offers a miniature version of selected places of this world.




Explore the residential area of Blankenese with its seaside resort feeling by taking bus no. 48 (also called ‘Bergziege’ -mountain goat- for climbing up and down the steep slopes and small streets of Blankenese) from the metro station Blankenese. You can take the whole tour (about 20 minutes) or get off at the ferry terminal and continue by walking or by taking the ferry.
Another ‘treat’ in Blankenese is a visit to Römischer Garten, a small park in roman style dating back to the late 19th century with great views of the Elbe.

Three times a year, the Heiligengeistfeld in the district of St.Pauli becomes a huge fairground. Open from early afternoon until late at night, fireworks every Friday night.

Take the metro (S1) to Wedel, a small town just outside of Hamburg, and walk to the shore of the Elbe river. Great place to watch the incoming and outgoing container ships and listen to the horn welcoming them.

St. Pauli Stadium
Visit the stadium of FC St. Pauli, the world famous soccer club with a skull sigil ( the club offers guided tours of its stadium, see