Posted on July 18, 2012 by Mareike in Conference
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In the old building of Hamburg University standing on the staircase between the lecture halls Steve Crossan from the Google Cultural Institute speaks to the DH community. In his green T-Shirt he evokes an informal and friendly impression. Starting with the anecdote, that everybody in Paris tends to call him “Monsieur Croissant” he charms the audience immediately. At the foot of the staircase a delicious cold buffet and cold drinks are waiting to refresh the digital humanists at the end of a full conference day. Google is not only sponsor of this conference reception but also is engaged in numerous DH projects.

Chris Meister and Steve Crossan by Savita Wagner

The Google Cultural Institute in Paris led by Steve Crossan is developing tools to collect knowledge about cultural achievements from all over the world and working to make them accessible. The idea of free based access leeds all the works of the Google Cultural Institute. As the majority of the material they gather is knowledge, it will never truly belong to an organisation like Google. This information gathering is a virtue for the Google Cultural Institute. Steve Crossan points out that knowledge should be published. He warmly invites the DH scientists to contact him personally via email or visit his institute in Paris. Thank you Steve, we certainly will!

Paris Cultural Institute